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Updating photo gallery on windows

Google Photos differentiates itself from other gallery apps with its intelligence.

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Microsoft is still testing this functionality for Windows 10, but it’s expected to arrive in time for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in September.Google posted an announcement a few days ago that Picasa will be closed down soon.Picasa is two things – a cloud service for storing photos online, and a desktop application for managing photos on your computer.Both of them will be shut down in the next few months.Google is committing all of its resources to Google Photos, the online photo service that duplicates much of what is in Picasa, and more importantly works perfectly on mobile devices, the focus of everyone’s efforts these days.Leaving aside the initial confusion, Google Photos' interface looks nice and is simple to use thanks to its 'material design' philosophy.

Google Photos is another move by Google to get you more connected to the cloud.

And, thanks to its fascinating automated cataloging capabilities, it feels somewhat ahead of its time.

However, the problem with any future tech is that it may be a bit too advanced for non-technophiles, even serving to frustrate some users as it quietly drains their phones data.

The Google Photos app integrates photos from your device, Google Drive, and Picasa albums.

It's easy to feel a bit puzzled by this at first, as you are assaulted by a barrage of pictures from each location.

It lets you make backups of all your photos to the cloud, apply effects, and organize your gallery automatically - as if by magic.