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While there are no federal laws prohibiting sports betting there are laws that make operating a US sportsbook a crime.

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This means they are unregulated and players have limited to no recourse in disputes.As I’ll explain shortly, this is the reason most of America’s 51.9 million sports bettors use Person to Person (P2P) for deposits (this is taking cash to the local super market to do a WU or MG transfer).Now there are states where online gambling is a crime.What our competitors won’t tell you is if you use your credit or debit card at an online sportsbook your credit card company or bank might close your account.If they do, it will not be an isolated incident; sports betting forums contain posts of US players reporting their bank account was closed for cited reason: online gambling / non-desirable customer.This site was heavily marketed by self-proclaimed “industry watchdog” Sports Book Review/SBRForum collectively known as SBR. SBR downgraded them from super reputable and touted with a B rating to a no-pay scam rating of F in a single day. You need to understand most every sports betting information site on the web cannot be trusted. Who they recommended is often determined by which site pays the most.

If you read our reviews of Wager Web, EZStreet Sports and Oddsmaker you’ll see examples of sites that while not outright scams should not be trusted.

It is rather easy for US law enforcement to seize domains.

In fact, be very careful depositing at any betting site that uses a domain as chances are great that betting site is a scam.

You can read our pages on Maryland Gambling Laws and Washington State Gambling Laws for more on that.

If you live in either of those states you’ll have tough time finding a betting site to accept your action.

The betting sites themselves are mostly located in Costa Rica, Kahnawake, Antigua, and Panama which are all locations that are outside US jurisdiction and are also locations where sport betting is fully legal.