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A few photos reveal tattoos fans may not have seen before, while others show the singers just romping around with some friends.

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And he noted that the harassment caught on Bliss’ camera only catches one half of the equation: “In the wild,” he told me, “I pretty much only see the once-over from behind, which is legion, and is often accompanied with meeting another dude's eyes like, Some men, though, still aren’t seeing it.“I knew this stuff happened—I see and hear it every once in a while—but the frequency of the remarks was astounding,” one colleague told me.“As a (fairly obvious) gay guy, I like to think I know something about being surveilled and self-aware in public, but this style of direct confrontation is pretty rare,” another said.A hidden camera video reveals that a New York City woman was “harassed on the street” 108 times in 10 hours by obnoxious, cat-calling men, the non-profit Hollaback! Sporting jeans and a crew-neck T-shirt, 24-year-old volunteer Shoshana Roberts drew repeated comments about her body during strolls around Manhattan — by guys who ranged from irritating to scary, the advocacy group said. ” One creep followed her for five minutes, walking beside her in silence as she grew more and more uncomfortable.Dozens of men made comments about her figure, shouting “damn, girl! The group released the video — which was shot over several days in late September — to raise money and awareness to combat “street harassment,” said Emily May, executive director of Hollaback! “I want people to see it and say, ‘Holy crap,” May said. When she didn’t respond, one man blasted, ‘You don’t talk?!If you don't get it after watching this video, the problem isn't just the guys caught yelling at Roberts.

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The image shows Rankin’s wife, Tuuli Shipster – whom he uses as a model whenever he can – holding up a camera over one eye, with shadows falling over the left side of her face so that only a triangular space taking in her eye and half her mouth is lit.

A reflected circle of light in the camera lens replaces her right pupil.

The image is overlaid and repeated at least three times, a device that makes the lens of the camera into a series of interlocking circles, something that can be seen more clearly in the portrait version, and produces interesting framing effects throughout.

Shipster’s eye make-up, cherry-red lips and swept-back hair, as well as the icy background colours, locate the picture firmly in the present day, but the old Super 8-style camera she is holding and Raindance’s usual Saul Bass-like bouncing typography create a pleasingly jarring effect.

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