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Werewolf dating service

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Daniel Malcolm, senior student at Darnell University, takes on the local fraternity when he discovers they have been abducting and programming girls as sex slaves and have set their sights on his fiancée.Jennifer Hansen, programmed into a ravenous unsatisfiable slut and sent into the world to fend for herself, ends up at the Craven-Wilford Institute for Mental Health, meeting other patients affected by the mind-controlling Specials.

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Ancient looking tents teeming with archaic attractions, stalls with prizes more eldritch looking than goldfish and cheap soft toys.Jenny and her friend Lisa go camping by their favorite lake. Visitors from another world see every bit of the girls and learn a few things about humans.Abraham Lincoln said it best: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” See how young Billy handles this test as he confronts the others who have their own power.Danielle just graduated from college as an honors student.She was hired for a job that was on the other side of the country, and found a large apartment, while knowing full well that her life was about to change forever.What happens if she wants to see what life is like on the other side? Given that they are all Alphas, their lamentations are quite limited. She now must go a week under the control of Amanda’s doll.

Their discussions lead to disturbing revelations that give them all a new outlook on submission. After a direct assault fails, the Mind Worms find themselves a very special niche to occupy.

To do so, she’s step over many others that were in her way but now a competing divisional VP is threatening her advancement. A mysterious late-night phone caller puts Rob and Jenny under his control, and forces them into brutal carnality.

When Jenny vanishes to be with her tormenter, Rob appeals to a beautiful but tough FBI agent to try and track down his mind-controlled girlfriend before she’s lost to him forever.

She waits, and has only her programming to keep her company. When will she be able to see, feel, dominate her other half?

Helen is a VP at Millennium Mechanics, a leading android manufacturer and is looking to advance.

David makes a documentary about his hiking trip to a sacred Native American site with his twin brother, his professor, and two other students.