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Who is david hasselhoff dating

The curvy model, 25, also posted a string of snaps from a raunchy holiday photo shoot - as her career in front of the camera goes from strength to strength.The blonde beauty put her hands behind her head as she perched on a lounger for the glam shot, which the thirsty star captioned: "pass the bintang." On Instagram she also shared three sizzling snaps from a sepia-toned shoot, which saw her posing in a semi-sheer dress by a rustic stone wall.

It is important for me to live a life where I appreciate and love my curves." Adding further inspiration, she added: "My choice to be happy in the body I have today.However, although Roberts' life has been completely transformed since becoming the Hoff's lady, she's still not so keen on living in Hollywood."I don’t really like LA," she said. But I do love the year-round sunshine, the country hikes and beautiful beaches. WATCH: David Hasselhoff Returns to 'Baywatch,' Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron Can't Contain Their Admiration Roberts admitted that she didn't even think Hasselhoff wanted to get married, saying that they hadn't really discussed the possibility."I genuinely had no idea he was going to propose," Roberts told . In fact, he was planning on proposing during an earlier trip to the Maldives."I'd been carrying the ring around for weeks," Hasselhoff said.The 33-year-old blonde has revealed that she is finally ready to say "yes" to the former Baywatch star, and wants to be Mrs Hasselhoff."If he asked me now I would say yes," Roberts told the Daily Star. Every relationship reaches the point where the honeymoon period is over, but with David it’s still amazing."I’d want him to buy the ring, though – to prove he’s serious.All those other times he didn’t actually have the ring."Hasselhoff, 61, has asked his Welsh lady for her hand in marriage in a variety of places - including on safari and inside a shark tank."The first time was on a beautiful beach in South Africa," Roberts explained. I didn’t think he meant it, because there was no ring and I thought it was a spur-of-the- moment thing.Her vamp-ish look left some viewers falling off their sofas as she chatted to Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

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Hayley, who is one of Baywatch icon David's two daughters, has plunged headlong into the world of "plus size" modelling in 2017.

In mid-December, she stripped lingerie for a strujubg bedroom photo shoot which she said left her feeling "empowered".

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