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Who is jason dohring dating

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He played the vampire Josef Kostan, a mischievous 400-year-old hedge-fund trader.

I think everything everywhere is Adam Scott's fault. I did one episode of Party Down with him, and I was sitting at the lunch table trying to hold back my laughter, in fear that I would look like a total idiot, because all the guys were laughing at the table hysterically. Before the Veronica Mars movie materialized, there was talk of a Party Down movie, which might go the Kickstarter route as well ... Because ultimately that's who you're doing it for, people who care about your project. Or maybe you could do it like the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight films, and just meet in different countries. star Jason Dohring is sitting down with ETonline to talk about reprising his role as bad boy Logan Echolls for the upcoming fan-funded film.So, what about Logan makes him a 'dream character' for Jason and how was his reunion with the cast? Devoted fans of the TV series, which ran from 2004 to 2007, can pat themselves on the back for raising the money to make the popular show into a movie.Filming a scene at the Neptune High 10-year reunion, Jason Dohring‘s Logan weaves his way through the crowd.He pauses ever-so-briefly as his eyes momentarily lock with Veronica’s across the room.After its cancellation, Dohring found work with Warner Bros.

and CBS, co-starring in the television series Moonlight.

You know, when you look at a 6 million dollar movie, it's still relatively small compared to a 10 or 15 million dollar movie, which are still considered small.

So the joke on the set was, if we'd had a little more money, we would have done more than one take. You're not even going to get any coverage on the scene? You were great." One is after I drop my date off for the night and give her a kiss. The "date" with Gaby Hoffmann, your dead girlfriend's biggest fan.

There's a couple scenes in the movie, I swear to you, where I got one take.

You'll see them in the film, and they're great, but there were these two shots, with me and Veronica standing in the street, and it was one take.

PHOTOS | Veronica Mars Movie Scoop: Love Lives, Jobs and Offspring Exposed! “Both of them, obviously, have moved on in their own ways,” says Dohring while taking a break from shooting.