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Martino stated that unity was still a possibility after such a heated election, and accredited his parents for being able to afford for him to play soccer growing up as a big part of him being given the opportunity to run for USSF President.

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Gans was followed by Michael Winograd, who focused his attention on the cost associated with playing youth soccer in the United States, referring it to a “money grab”.Leading into the third round, once Winograd and Gans withdrew, she would be the candidate most likely to be eliminated, but it didn’t matter.Last to present was Carlos Cordeiro, who many viewed as one of the two “establishment” candidates who were both front-runners.It was a bit awkward for Cordeiro to follow Solo after the allegations she made against him, but he didn’t appear shook and delivered a composed speech to voters.He said that he was the candidate most qualified to actually deliver change, stating that he was the only presidential candidate who had the necessary full-scope vision and plan that were necessary to implement.Once the third round of voting concluded, Cordeiro was the winner after obtaining 50% of the vote that was necessary for victory.

He gave his acceptance speech, followed by an emotional goodbye from Sunil Gulati.

Following the election results, I caught up with MSYSA board members who were in attendance.

They stated that they spoke to every candidate, and said the decision was extremely difficult in the end.

She mentioned the complaint that she filed against USSF, and went on to “throw shade” at both Kathy Carter and Carlos Cordeiro, which rubbed many within US Soccer the wrong way.

Sge said that Cordeiro failed to stand up for unsafe playing conditions for women players, and claimed that he did not stand up for equal pay for women.

Gans told the story of his father immigrating from Germany to Boston, introducing Gans to the beautiful game at a young age.