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Who is malinda williams dating now

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And Hollywood seemsto allow only three black women in leading roles in mainstream movies at a time(and those spots are currently taken by Queen Latifah, Halle Berry,and Kerry Washington). But read on to find out where you boyfriend Boris Kodjoe (who is seriously one of thebest-looking men alive, and that’s coming from a lesbian) married in real lifein 2005, and had a daughter.

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His second son is named Mekhi Thira Phifer and he was born on October, 2007 to his girlfriend Oni Souratha. He seems to be devoted to his current wife and has no extra marital relations.Words of wisdom from a true Hollywood Diva, since Malinda started acting she’s consistently been working for the past 30 years and that’s a feat that not every seasoned Black Actor has accomplished.Looking at her IMDB profile you might see two 1-2 year gaps, but those are explainable based off the event’s she took time to enjoy in her life, such as marriage and the birth of her son.Mekhi Phifer is an actor of American nationality known best for appearing as Dr. He was born to mother Rhoda Phifer on the 19th of December, 1974.Due to his success in the field of acting and for his appearances in movies and television, his bio and career details are widely searched by fans all around the world.This year, Malinda had a supporting role in (2008), adrama starring Ice Cube, Katt Williams, Regina Hall, Chi Mc Bride, and Loretta Devine about two petty criminals who plot to rip off theirchurch.

Malinda put up an officialwebsite last year, with lots of photos and a few bog posts, including onedecrying and appeared inthe music video for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s classic song “Parents Just Don’t Understand”, currently appears to be focused more on motherhoodand singing (she’s recording her first CD) than on acting since co-starringin the indie film ) who swears offmen and throws herself into her career.

I also like the story line about Teri’s strugglesat her (all white male) law firm, and was cheering when she finally stuck itto them.

And I’ve been a fan of Parker’s since she played Laurel Holloman’slove interest in the campy teen lesbian romance wentoff the air in 2004 and UPN and The WB merged last year.

My sister’s favorite trick currently includes IM’ing from my mom’s account pretending to be mom and trying to get me to complain about her (my sister), then laughing at me if I fall for it.

Yes, she has too much free time for a grown woman with three kids, but what can I say — our relationship is pretty the same as it was when we were twelve. Here’s a photo of the three actresses celebrating the series’success in 2004: Besides digging the sisterly love, I can relate to Parker’s character Teri,both because she’s a workaholic (which I will quite freely admit to being),and because she’s a bit of a control freak (which on very, rareoccasions, I’ve been known to be).

Mekhi was born on Harlem, New York City and is of Nigerian Origin.