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Who is sofia bush dating

And the orange POTUS is getting REALLY self-conscious about it!

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"[He's] making some bad choices," Soffer tells jumped on the phone with Soffer to discuss all that plus his research for Wednesday's episode, the "shift" in season five under new showrunner Rick Eid and Bush's exit.Ch-ch-check out the celebs (male and female) who've spoken out to celebrate women on social media (below): Donald Trump is super in charge, you guys.Over the weekend, we learned President Drumpf wasn't even briefed on the executive order he signed that gave key adviser Steve Bannon a seat on the National Security Council — further proving his incompetence at leadership/basic reading comprehension. Again This latest report only perpetuated the rumors that Bannon is really the one pulling the strings in the Oval Office.It's kind of like you have this like laundry list of traits and characteristics and you know how you're going to react in certain situations.You understand the different dynamics you have with the other characters and the relationships, and then you just introduce one new idea and it changes each of those things on that laundry list a little bit.Bush and company have admitted to knowing of Schwahn's unsavory behavior as they noted in their statement to Filed under: Lindsay Lohan • Madonna • Politik • Shakira • Gloria Estefan • Pete Wentz • Katie Couric • Serena Williams • Ellen De Generes • Naomi Campbell • Josh Duhamel • Leona Lewis • Adele • Twitter • Matt Bomer • Jessica Chastain • Sophia Bush • Ivanka Trump • Alyssa Milano • Instagram • Sabrina Carpenter • Sophie Turner • Girl Power • J. Which is why we're not surprised so many have taken to the web for International Women's Day.

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I actually don't get to have input about that stuff.

(.) I give all the credit for this storyline to Rick and Eriq and everybody.

We've seen Jay struggle in situations but we've never seen him struggle internally and that was a new thing. That, along with not having anyone to rely on, it opens up this kind of Pandora's box into his past and things that he's had buried that he hasn't deal with.

It's been a whole new character to play, really. How did that inform you as an actor to see this other side of Jay?

I think probably they wanted to see Jay a little broken because his life's gone through shit.