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Who is vanessa carlton dating

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It included the very popular hit single "A Thousand Miles", whose piano-based sound and piano-based surrealistic video made it instantly recognizable.A successful follow-up single came with "Ordinary Day." Carlton also provided backup vocals for the Counting Crows' cover of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi." Carlton, along with Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne, is often considered to have become popular in 2002 due to the alleged overexposure and insincerity of singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

You’re prepared: Although there is no real way to mentally brace yourself for parenthood, you can still be financially ready.Yeah, I moved away from Nashville for a little bit, and I’m in New York right now, but I just bought a house in Nashville. I just spent a few days there, I’m going back for a few days before our Boston show. Are you guys flipping a coin for who plays first, you or the Hold Steady? I think as long as we get it to plant in time, we should have split 7-inches with them. We rehearse in Providence whenever we have shows around there, just at Dennis' house. And you guys have been together for the same amount of time, right? I think we’re playing first the whole time, which I don’t mind, really. It should be ready for the Boston show, but it’s just us covering each other’s songs. When those pictures came out a lot of people were like, "wait, what? I’ve never tried to call her and just shoot the shit, but I would say yes, now I definitely do that. " Not just what are these three totally different musicians doing together, but why are two of them getting married to each other and the other one is officiating said wedding! She’s taking Vanessa and I to the Rock and Roll Half of Fame induction ceremony next week. Vanessa has been friends with Stevie for while now, she just kind of asked Stevie if she would do the thing or whatever. RELATED: Click here to read about how Nirvana influenced John Mc Cauley Are you living in Tennessee still? I was just looking at the press release for that Record Store Day release and it had a lot of personal information in there about your dad going to jail, and what a tough year you'd had.

I think that's where you were the last time we spoke. This tour with us and them it’s just kind of a no-brainer, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before. Do you have anything up your sleeves, like covering a Hold Steady song out of the blue or anything? [Mc Cauley's father pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy and tax fraud, ultimately leading to a prison sentence.] Is that hard for you to have that out there? It was either put it out there first or I guess set the record straight before anybody could speculate on what was really going on.

Vanessa Carlton revealed on Thursday, June 26, that she's pregnant and expecting a baby with husband John Mc Cauley. John, Victor, and I are over the moon." (Victor is the "Ordinary Day" chanteuse's dog.) PHOTOS: Celeb pregnancy confessions Carlton and Mc Cauley tied the knot last December, in a wedding officiated by Fleetwood Mac songstress Stevie Nicks.

The "A Thousand Miles" singer, 33, announced her happy news via Facebook, with a photo of her small baby bump and a message to fans about her planned fifth album. A month before they married, she revealed on her website that she'd recently suffered a fallopian pregnancy.

This album is the first time you've collaborated with Vanessa, right? With my stuff I don’t really share my stuff with , really. ” and I was like, "yeah that was me." And he said, “She’s a good friend of mine, should I give her your number? We kind of figure that we would have probably met anyway at some point but it was kind of Twitter that got it going.

When I first bring a song to the band it’s usually at soundcheck and they’re like "what is this? I share a lot of my writing, my non-musical writing with her. How on earth did Stevie Nicks factor in to the whole thing?

[He's talking about Deer Tick drummer Dennis Michael Ryan].