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If you have questions about free software licenses, you can email us at .

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We will do our best to help you find an existing free software license that meets your needs.

However, you are allowed to combine separate modules or source files released under both of those licenses in a single project, which will provide many programmers with all the permission they need to make the programs they want. This is a lax, permissive free software license, compatible with the GNU GPL, which we recommend GNU packages use for README and other small supporting files.

All developers can feel free to use it in similar situations.

We welcome knowledgeable volunteers who want to help answer licensing questions.

If you are contemplating writing a new license, please also contact us at .

This is the previous version of the GNU GPL: a free software license, and a copyleft license. Please note that GPLv2 is, by itself, not compatible with GPLv3.