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Submissions will be considered on a competitive basis, and each précis will undergo a vetting process by an Editor.

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Scholars have suggested several explanations for this trend: (a) the growing availability of contraceptives; (b) domestic appliances; (c) cuts in men’s wages and the rising opportunity costs of women staying at home; and (d) seeing women in socially valued roles. This holds even when controlling for age, education, employment, income, and access to infrastructure.By honoring these accomplishments, the journal can show how students engaging with feminist geography are building the future of the discipline.Publication of doctoral dissertation précis will take place in each issue of .Seeing women mechanics, breadwinners and leaders increases people’s confidence in the possibility of social change: inspiring others; catalysing further experimentation; generating a positive feedback loop. People may shift their norm perceptions (beliefs about what others think and do) by chatting and sharing ideas in cafes, markets, and offices: seeing others condemn inequalities, demonstrate zero tolerance of abuse, and champion women leaders.Annie (45, widow, circular migrant, fish wholesaler): But here in town, there are nurses, teachers, doctors.Girls think, ‘if I am educated then I can be a doctor’.

Here in town children see everyone going to school but in the village, they just see two people…

First, cities often raise the opportunity costs of gender divisions of labour: higher living costs; more economic opportunities for women (in services and manufacturing); and the contemporary precarity of male employment.

This shift in perceived interests has triggered rising support for female employment – in both Cambodia and Zambia. People living in interconnected, heterogeneous, densely populated areas are more likely to see women in socially valued, masculine domains.

Nsenga: Here in town a woman may stop school to give birth, then she will be desperate to return to school and finish. Seeing women dress up beautiful, earn their own living.

But in the village, they just give birth and it’s all over. There’s nothing else they see and aspire for [translated from Bemba]. But in rural areas, we just stuck with the old ideas. This process is much slower in rural Cambodia and Zambia.

Breaks are brief: gulp a sugary drink, guzzle a plate of rice and fatty meat, compare bundles completed, then hasten back for the bell. If this is something that appeals to you, you can find out more about it here.